Conscious Creators 

We are a team of vision enthusiasts, striving to make our wildest dreams come true through hard work, integrity and conscious actions.  

DragonAir Aviation is built on a passion for JOY and technology. We have put together a diverse team of individuals who love to explore outside the sphere of conventional thinking. We believe that the right blend of daily inspiration, ambition, and balance between logic and heart-based decision making will lead to incredible leaps for humanity. 

Together, we have developed an extraordinary vision for innovations that allow one to connect with the world around them. We strive to create excitement in unexpected ways, and support a «trickle-up» effect to ensure everyone has a chance to bring their ideas to life. Today we are pushing the boundaries of personal flight and tomorrow we could be welding in space. What matters is that we encourage each other to keep moving forward, reaching higher and spreading the love.