Meet Our Crew

Mariah Cain

CEO & Founder

Mariah dreams of flight and is the heart that keeps the dragon in the skies. Her ambition to achieve the ease of flying that humans have always dreamed of keeps Dragonair in the game as one of the leaders in electric VTOL. 

Jeff Elkins

CFO & Master Tinkerer

Jeff Elkins is a mastermind when it comes to electrical, mechanical and innovative systems. His passion to create innovation in a world where so many are constrained by the corners of a box has earned him the title of "Mad Scientist" to all those who know him. Jeff would like people to think he is a glorafied janitor, but really, he is the brillance and brains behind a new era of technolgy based enertainment and a prime emample of the joy a LEAP of faith attitude will get you.

Fred Stevenson 

Senior Power Specialist 

Fred Stevenson is the powerhouse behind the intricuit battery systems used by Dragonair that give them the record for eVTOL personal flight.